Fire protection training

Fire protection training

Thanks to our experience and specialized staff, we offer fire protection training. in the theoretical and practical part.‍We organize events during which we make demonstrations of controlled explosions, smoke and even trial evacuations from buildings. These can be planned actions, about which your employees are informed in advance, and they can also be surprise training, where employees, after hearing alarm sirens, will have to demonstrate appropriate skills.

Only in such cases can the actual scale of the threat be determined. We can then check how safe your company is! If its employees will be able to evacuate without chaos, go to the assembly point as soon as possible, if they know where this assembly point operates in your company, and if they will do it all efficiently and as a team – this is crucial for ensuring safety in your company .

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For whom fire protection training is recommended?

Training in evacuation and practical use of firefighting equipment together with rescue units, we recommend as obligatory for all employees of each company, regardless of their age or seniority. We are working on moving away from the stereotype in the form of training a few people who would possibly be part of rescue teams (i.e. several people on each shift). Our goal is to introduce, as a standard in every company, regular training in this area, which would be cyclically repeated and varied depending on the needs and threats in the company. We train employees and company owners who not only want to gain knowledge, but also learn practical principles of extinguishing fire and proceeding in emergency situations. We make employees aware of the most common causes and types of fires, how to proceed, whom to inform,

How we organize fire protection training.

Fire protection training can be organized as an independent workshop or be combined with exercises in the field of first aid, and can also be part of a full package, which is the event in the form of Safety Days. It is up to you to what extent you want to carry them out. For our part, we guarantee adaptation to the company’s needs, which we verify on the basis of an earlier interview. We analyze the degree of risk and the related needs of employees. The training takes place in real conditions at your workplace, i.e. where your employees know best what threats we are talking about. We analyze your case study to reach our listeners as much as possible.

If you want to find out and see how professional training in this area looks like, please contact us. We will contact you, examine your needs and threats and develop an individual offer that will be the answer to all your questions and doubts.

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