Safety training

Good training is always worth the price!
Our assumption is to move away from the common thinking about boring and constantly repeating the same content of OHS training. It doesn’t have to look like this – there is no such thing in our non-standard approach.

We like to adapt to the needs of clients, create programs and adjust methods, techniques and tools to the expectations of the group. And thanks to excellent professionals – experts and practices in one – we can surprise!

We organize training in the field of occupational health and safety in a wide range – from initial and periodic health and safety, fire protection, and pre-medical assistance through height access, forklifts, to GDPR and broadly understood coaching.

Remember that you can take advantage of our trainings through the Development Services Base with EU funding.

If you have any other questions, please contact us – we will prepare you the best offer.

Sela BHP - szkolenia

Forms of training

Sela BHP - usługi

Training in the stationary form is the most traditional form of knowledge transfer and direct meeting with the trainer, i.e. the OHS Specialist. We organize training in this form both at our company's headquarters and at the client's. We are flexible both in terms of location and meeting dates.

Sela BHP - usługi

They consist in meeting the trainer in real time, but using various types of mobile devices with Internet access. The facilitator discusses issues through presentations and videos, while participants have the opportunity to actively participate (express opinions, ask questions or give examples from their own experience).

Sela BHP - usługi

The most frequently chosen training option in the era of COVID-19. Totally safe! It consists in logging into the system (in a place and time convenient for you) and going through the training in accordance with the instructions. The indicator of the acquired knowledge is the final test, the positive result of which is necessary to issue a certificate from the completed course. We invite you to use our proprietary platform -, where we have created training for each professional group. We invite you!

What our training looks like

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