Working safely at height

Working safely at height

Safe work at height – this training is dedicated to all employees who work or will work at height on a daily basis using various types of protection. A number of issues that accompanies it, starting from weather conditions, through dedicated equipment, knowledge, experience already gained, respecting the requirements for the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) are just a few of the aspects discussed during the workshops. Case analyses, threat research and predicting consequences are the basic aspects we pay attention to.

Workshops are conducted by experienced practitioners who spend most of their lives at heights. They are up to date with technical innovations that appear regularly on the market. Therefore, you can take advantage of their knowledge and suggestions on choosing the right security for your employees.

Workshops are largely focused on practice with the opportunity to personally try out both techniques and tools under the supervision of the best specialists.

We cordially invite you to one of our best trainings. They are led by charismatic trainers, leaving the participants with a lot of knowledge and satisfaction from the vast amount of knowledge and practice acquired.

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