First Premedical Aid

Training - First Premedical Aid

Our FIRST AID training courses are conducted by top-class specialists who are practitioners on a daily basis and saving human lives is no stranger to them. Thanks to the vast experience they have, they are able to perfectly interweave theoretical knowledge with practice – on which we place great emphasis.

We also focus on case studies in the form of a case study, in which the participants analyze the appropriate sequence of actions taken, thus developing an appropriate response system in themselves.

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Is it worth doing First Aid training?

In our opinion, training in this area should be obligatory for all employees of every company! The more people with this knowledge and skills, the greater the chance of saving someone’s life. Therefore, think about training not only one person on each shift, but also give everyone a chance – let it be an added value and a form of investment in your employee.

More and more companies are also investing in equipment in the form of AEDs, i.e. AEDs. defibrillators. This is a huge progress and a change for the better. This is a perfect example of developing a culture of safety and raising awareness among employees. For our part, we help in the selection of appropriate equipment, we order it for our clients and then we train in its use. The heart grows.

To increase the value of the training, we decided to introduce VR technology, i.e. virtual reality. Thanks to glasses in this dimension, we can strengthen the whole process with the added value of emotions. We are directly in the situation of an accident. We participate in it not as an observer but a rescuer. We must react to screams, control ourselves at the sight of blood, take appropriate actions in the correct order. This is a new dimension of training for the 21st century, which guarantees the WOW effect for each participant.

What does First Aid training include?

We train both at our company’s headquarters and directly at the customer’s workplace and among the hazards that exist there. We adapt the program to your needs where, in addition to the basics in the form of:

  • side position (safe)
  • cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • use of an AED

We conduct workshops on how to proceed in a situation such as:

  • myocardial infarction
  • stroke
  • choking
  • convulsions
  • swoon
  • severe allergic reaction
  • dyspnoea
  • osteoarticular injuries
  • external hemorrhages
  • epistaxis
  • evacuation of the victim from the car
  • providing first aid in unusual places (e.g. construction site/scaffolding)
  • and many others that will be the answer to your needs.
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