Outsourcing of fire protection

Outsourcing of fire protection

Our role as specialists in the field of occupational health and safety and fire protection is primarily to ensure the safety of your employees, processes, workplace and the company as a whole.

Therefore, the activities we undertake are carried out by a carefully selected and aware team of practitioners with extensive experience.

Sela BHP - outsourcing ppoż.
Sela BHP - outsourcing PPOŻ.

What exactly is OHS outsourcing?

Outsourcing of fire protection. in other words, constant supervision of fire safety in the workplace by an external company. This is a service thanks to which you gain help in the implementation of tasks resulting from fire prevention.

Our specialists, which include OHS and fire protection specialists, firemen, auditors, fire protection equipment service technicians. and qualified and experienced trainers will help you meet the necessary requirements in relation to fire protection, indicate directions and solutions that will contribute to preventing potential threats in the form of fire. With the entire complementary team of professionals / practitioners, we will train your employees in the field of appropriate response and selection of equipment, but above all preventive measures. Regular training in the practical use of firefighting equipment or evacuation is a basic element ensuring peace and safety for both the employer and the employee of each company.

In addition, as part of the cooperation offered, our team of specialists will also take care of inspections and legalization of fire extinguishing equipment in the facility where your company is located. The scope of tasks also includes periodic fire protection audits and keeping full documentation.

How are we doing?

After the initial arrangement of the action plan and the client’s determination of his needs and expectations towards our cooperation, the following takes place:

  • preliminary audit of the facility and documentation for various types of irregularities,
  • analysis of available documentation along with verification of its correctness and validity,
  • conversations and consultations with employees with knowledge in the field of fire protection, who are delegated to appropriate actions in the event of potentially dangerous situations,
  • preparation of the Fire Protection Audit Report. containing a detailed description of corrective actions,
  • undertaking talks/consultations with decision-makers regarding the direction of further actions,
  • creating a recovery plan (if the situation requires it) or developing directives specifying the actions we suggest,
  • regular visit to the plant to carry out a fire protection inspection. ended with a report,
  • ongoing consultancy.

What is included in the fire protection audit?

  • assessment of compliance with the requirements of fire protection of technical solutions used in construction facilities
  • fire safety instructions
  • evacuation plans
  • object marking
  • fire protection instructions.
  • pre-explosion risk assessment
  • explosion protection documents
  • plans (procedures) for dealing with extraordinary events
  • assessment of processes in terms of explosion protection
  • assessment of the conditions for efficient evacuation and the frequency of evacuation drills
  • verification of fire protection training
  • portable firefighting equipment (number, timeliness of inspections, correctness of fire class adjustment)
  • correctness of water supply for external fire extinguishing
  • compliance with fire regulations by employees/subcontractors/renovation companies and othershandling chemicals, flammable substances, aerosols, dusts, gases, etc.

The audit we carry out will be a list of irregularities and a set of necessary corrective actions, because our goal is to achieve a state in accordance with legal requirements as soon as possible.

Or maybe combine OHS and fire protection outsourcing?

Outsourcing of fire protection. we usually combine it with full health and safety service, guaranteeing your company a professional and comprehensive service in the field of ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions for all its employees.

We remind you about the dates of inspections or training, indicate possible threats and directions for their prevention, taking into account various types of prevention measures, methods and techniques.

Sela BHP - outsourcing PPOŻ.
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