First aid

First aid

First Aid training – our training is based on a combination of theoretical knowledge and practice. We choose the level, thematic scope and the necessary tools for the individual needs and capabilities of the training group. We organize classes in smaller, intimate groups at our company’s headquarters, as well as on the occasion of larger events, such as Safety Days for more employees in their company. Then we direct our workshops to specific hazards occurring in the workplace and the risks associated with it.

First aid in practice

We have a wide range of equipment, in the form of various types of phantoms (adult, children), sets for mocking wounds, dressing sets, splints to stiffen limbs after injuries, AED and many others, which allow us to perform demonstrations and present proper protection in the event of various types of threats health or life.

Our trainers are a qualified team of experienced practitioners. They are professionally active, so any changes or regulations in the regulations are presented to them in the first place. During the training, they discuss examples from their everyday life, which is always a great asset that brings an element of adrenaline and surprise to the training. Their main assumption is always to activate the participants both to talk and to undertake practical exercises.

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