OHS outsourcing

OHS outsourcing

We are experts in the field of occupational health and safety, providing you and your company with comprehensive permanent service in the field of health and safety on the basis of outsourcing. We carry out the tasks of the OHS Service, being a solid support for you. We help you meet all legal obligations and requirements. We inform you about changes in regulations.

We advise how to make your company a safe workplace. We represent you during inspections of external institutions such as National Labor Inspectorate, State Fire Service, Sanitary Inspectorate. We are your security partner so that you can develop your business and do what you know best.

Sela BHP - outsorcing
Sela BHP - outsorcing

What is health and safety outsourcing?

Behind this elegant word lies the constant support of external Health and Safety Specialists – that is, us. We take over all matters related to security and we are the ones who care about your company being a safe place to work. At the outset, WE RESEARCH YOUR NEEDS very reliably, AUDIT your company in terms of the current state of security, TALK to key people, and together ESTABLISH GOALS and scope of responsibility. We also determine the scale, type of support and frequency of our visits. We present to you our RECOMMENDATIONS and implement our joint plan to create or tighten a SECURITY SYSTEM in your company.

How we understand OHS outsourcing

By working with our clients’ companies, we become part of their teams. We are working on changes in the field of health and safety with the employer, management and employees. We implement all legal, documentation and organizational requirements. We implement solutions and good practices for our clients from global international corporations, where security is an absolute priority. We present a range of possible changes, supporting them in their implementation at every stage. OHS is our passion.

Who is outsourcing for?

Obligations in the field of health and safety arise in companies that employ at least one employee. In micro-enterprises, regular ad hoc cooperation works well. Comprehensive OHS services are most often used by companies employing 10 or more employees.

Sela BHP - outsorcing

Choose the best form of cooperation for you

If you do not know what type of cooperation will be best for you, call us or use the hint below.

IMMEDIATE SUPPORT health and safety services on individual request as needed micro enterprises
EXTERNAL OHS SERVICE outsourcing of health and safety or health and safety and fire protection services. on the basis of a cooperation agreement (B2B) on a quarterly, monthly or specified number of days in a month / week small and medium enterprises
EXTERNAL OHS SERVICE FOR LARGE COMPANIES providing a full-time OHS Specialist (160h/month), B2B contract (employment of an employee is on our side) companies with full-time occupational health and safety specialists who need additional support
EMPLOYMENT OHS SUPERVISION providing a part-time health and safety specialist companies with more than 100 employees
24/7 SAFETY SUPERVISION ensuring constant supervision of an OHS Specialist 24/7 - for particularly dangerous works and other works requiring support large and medium enterprises

Benefits of constant OHS cooperation

First of all, we provide you with KNOWLEDGE on HOW to build a SECURITY SYSTEM in your company. You do not have to wade through the thicket of legal regulations yourself, you do not have to worry that you have omitted important aspects that may have serious legal or financial consequences.

Since 2005, we have been improving in the area of ​​OHS, hence the built base of knowledge, experience, tools and good practices is something that we share with you. We want you to sleep peacefully knowing that you have entrusted the fundamentally important issue of your company’s SAFETY to the Sela OHS Specialists.

Sela BHP - outsourcing

Why is it worth working with SELA BHP TEAM?

  • You can be sure that we provide you with a full package of knowledge in the area of ​​health and safety.
  • We implement our high standard of documentation – everything is ordered, segregated, documents are delivered in analog and digital versions.
  • Our trainings – as a key moment of working with your team – are tailored to your company, conducted in an INTERESTING, UNUSUAL way. For us, applause after OHS training is a common practice. You do not believe? Check.
  • An OHS Specialist dedicated to your company will take care of the task schedule, will support, audit, advise, remind, initiate and motivate your team to change.
  • In the event of your supervisor’s leave / absence, WE SUBSTITUTE another Specialist who is trained and prepared for this task.
  • Cooperation with us also means the support of our office, which prepares graphic designs for you to strengthen the safety culture, organizes health and safety competitions, and regularly sends educational materials.
  • We care about the security of your data, we have implemented security standards.
  • We are available by phone 24/7, so you can count on our support in URGENT SITUATIONS.
  • We are passionate about learning safety through experience, which is why we conduct training using virtual reality (VR), phantoms and other teaching aids.
  • SELA BHP TEAM raises awareness of the importance of safety, uses modern tools and technologies, relieves the burden of health and safety from the employer’s shoulders and provides management support to build a high safety culture in the company.
Sela BHP - outsorcing

OHS staff

Our OHS Specialists are, above all, great people with passions and joy from their work. We focused on great TRAINERS who can reach out to others and MOTIVATE for change. They have highly developed COMMUNICATION skills. We place great emphasis on DEVELOPMENT, TRAINING and DIVERSITY of our team. That is why our staff consists of OHS Specialists, Fire Protection Inspectors, KPP Rescuers, Business Trainers, Coaches, Labor Law Specialists, Firefighters, Labor Inspectors and many others.

What is included in the OHS service?

The catalog of tasks of the OHS Service includes at least 22 tasks meticulously defined in the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 2 September 1997 on the occupational health and safety service (Journal of Laws 1997 No. 109 item 704). As part of the cooperation:

  • we conduct initial and periodic training in the field of occupational health and safety
  • we analyze and assess occupational risk by preparing documentation for individual workstations
  • we keep you informed about threats, identified deficiencies and the need for changes in the field of health and safety
  • we present to you preventive conclusions and suggestions for improvement
  • we keep all necessary documentation regarding occupational health and safety, i.e.:
    • OHS and fire protection instructions.
    • work regulations
    • health and safety standards and procedures
    • records of accidents at work
    • training records
    • annual health and safety analysis
    • tables of standards for the allocation of workwear and personal protective equipment and many others
  • we audit workplaces in terms of safety and work ergonomics
  • we prepare post-accident documentation, including interviewing the victim and witnesses in cooperation with the Health and Safety Commission
  • we represent you during inspections by external bodies such as the National Labor Inspectorate, the State Fire Service or the State Sanitary Inspection (SANEPID)
  • we cooperate with a doctor who provides preventive care for employees, laboratories authorized to carry out tests and measurements of factors harmful to health or in onerous conditions, or with trade unions
  • we build a safety culture through numerous activities, i.e. organization of Safety Days, contests with prizes for employees, newsletters, graphic and motivational campaigns
  • we talk and look for organizational improvements to make your company safe.
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