Fire extinguisher service

Fire extinguisher service in Zielona Góra

Just having fire extinguishers in the facility does not give us a sense of security. There are still many important aspects that should be taken care of for the entire fire protection system functioned properly in the event of a fire hazard. These include inspections and servicing of fire-fighting equipment, their proper arrangement, protection and marking. And all this so that in the event of a fire, the equipment is operational and your employees know how to use it.

Generally, fire extinguishers should be inspected and repaired in accordance with the rules and in the manner specified in the Polish Standards for fire protection devices, technical and operational documentation and manuals developed by manufacturers. For our part, we guarantee periodic technical inspections and repairs of fire extinguishers by trained, competent specialists. Their tasks also include advice on the arrangement, marking and repair of your equipment.

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Regular technical inspections and maintenance of fire extinguishers in constant readiness is a legal requirement.

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How often and in what situations should fire extinguishers be inspected?

Inspections should be carried out in periods and in a manner consistent with the manufacturer’s instructions, but not less frequently than once a year. Regardless of the applicable periodic inspections, the following also require repair activities:

  • fire extinguishers equipped with a pressure gauge, where its arrow is below the green area of ​​the scale,
  • fire extinguishers that have been activated in any way,
  • extinguishers in which the seals placed by the manufacturer or maintenance technician on the operating lever, on the cylinder valve or on the safety valve have been broken,
  • fire extinguishers with signs of mechanical damage (cut hose, corrosion centers)
  • fire extinguishers that do not have a legible indicator with the expiry date of the tests.

When should the fire extinguisher be inspected and repaired for the first time:

Powder 1 kg BC (z) and ABC (x) after 1 year replacement with a new one
Powder ABC (x, z) after 1 year after 5 years
Powder D(x) after 1 year after 5 years
Snow (CO2) B (x) after 1 year every 10 years under the supervision of UDT
Fluid AB(x,z) after 1 year after 2 years
Fluid ABF(x) after 1 year after 5 years
Water-Fog (x) after 1 year after 5 years

As part of the inspection of firefighting equipment in your company, we guarantee you:

  • periodic inspections, repairs of fire-fighting equipment,
  • periodic tests of pressure tanks according to the recommendations of the Office of Technical Inspection,
  • location and installation of hand-held fire-fighting equipment,
  • marking escape routes,
  • developing Fire Safety Instructions,
  • measurement of the flow rate and pressure of hydrant networks (external, internal, ground, underground),
  • pressure tests of flat-fold and semi-rigid hydrant hoses,
  • distribution of fire protection equipment. from manufacturers’ factory warehouses,
  • replacement of extinguishing powder,
  • driveway to your company’s headquarters.

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