Explosive atmosphere

Explosive atmosphere

Today in many companies or production plants we are dealing with a growing number of so-called explosion hazard zones. Particularly dangerous places result from many different factors prevailing in a given workplace.

In order to minimize or even exclude the risk of fire, we offer training for OHS specialists, managers, engineers, service technicians, designers, constructors and all other people who perform any work within the explosion hazard zone. Its purpose is to analyze the threats resulting from incorrectly taken actions in a place where there is a risk of explosion and to show the real consequences that they may have.

Sela BHP - atmosfera wybuchowa

Examples of topics covered during the training include:

  • identifying the risk of explosion in the workplace
  • risk analysis
  • combustible / non-flammable gases
  • pollination
  • scenarios / scenes
  • employee duties
  • explosion prevention
  • chemical / biological substances and explosion hazard
  • coordination of works in potentially explosive areas
  • golden safety rules for a given company (also in graphical form, e.g. health and safety board)

Theme and specification training is always discussed individually with the client. Thanks to an individual approach to specific threats that prevail in your company, we are able to arrange a workshop program in relation to specific needs and expectations.

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