Security culture

Security Culture

When we talk about Safety Culture, we mean activities that go beyond the standard obligations set out in the regulations. The Security Culture assumes a holistic approach to managing such an important aspect as security.

Using the Japanese Kaizen method, we influence changes by introducing continuous improvements using the small steps method. We see that the fastest growing businesses are those whose owners do not cease to constantly improve the company and teach their employees the same approach.

Sela BHP - kultura bezpieczeństwa

Each company is unique, and an individual safety improvement plan should be implemented in each. That is why we base our activities on many elements of change management:

  • we diagnose the current state of safety culture and the effectiveness of the safety management system
  • we set goals and a vision for the future
  • we develop a plan to improve the security system
  • we determine how to maintain the effect of change and the monitoring system
  • we present a catalog of strengthening activities.

Work on the Health and Safety Culture is both activities on the strategy, procedures and fundamental documentation defining the processes. As part of numerous, often non-standard activities, there are action planning workshops, tailor-made training, behavior audits, a system for communicating changes, such as regular mailings with current security information. An important issue is the visualization of changes through noticeable elements that direct attention to safety, such as personalized infographics, competitions, posters or health and safety boards.

We have completed many projects in the field of building a culture of safety both in Poland and in our western neighbors.

Talk to us, together we will look for the best solution for your company.

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