Training in evacuation from heights

Training in evacuation from heights

The ability to react properly and make quick decisions in extremely stressful situations are the basic assumptions of this training. Developing appropriate habits among employees can be crucial in saving human lives. We literally have minutes…

In this module, employees will hear about most of the hazards that await them when working at height. They will learn how to properly use the equipment intended for such work and how to be best prepared for the possible evacuation of a casualty after a fall and hanging at a height.

Sela BHP - szkolenia z ewakuacji z wysokości

We also provide instructions on how to properly adjust the harness and individual equipment inspection, which should be carried out each time before starting work. We want everyone to have the opportunity to take part in a hovering simulation after a hypothetical fall from a height (attached to a davit harness). This allows you to visualize the feelings and test the strength in this uncomfortable position, which can be extremely dangerous for the health and life of the victim.

Our specialized trainers have extensive professional experience and always adapt their training programs to the specific needs of the client. Courses cover topics related to working safely at height, rescue techniques, confined spaces, use of PPE, compliance and many other issues related to the prevention of these types of hazards in the workplace.

The training is intended for all those who have as their final workplace: scaffolding, ramps, wind turbines, poles, high platforms, roofs, stairs, constructions, work in vertical suspension, work in a confined space, in logistics centers or transport facilities, etc. It is their train

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