Training for machine operators

Training for machine operators

Training for machine operators is dedicated to people who want to acquire completely new skills in the field of machine operation, or to improve the already existing qualifications of people working in the profession.

Our qualified staff guarantees the transfer of thorough knowledge both in the theoretical and practical scope in the field of operation, construction and operation of machines. The operator of the machine must have not only practical skills in the field of driving it, but also theoretical knowledge necessary for the correct and safe performance of his work. The training aims to familiarize the course participants with the issues of technical documentation, technology of works, occupational health and safety as well as with information in the field of electrical engineering, hydraulics, internal combustion engines and the construction of excavators. The course ends with the issuance of a certificate that entitles you to participate in the state exam.

Sela BHP - szkolenia dla operatorów maszyn

We offer training in the use of:

  • forklifts and lifts
  • cranes
  • bulldozers and rollers
  • mobile cranes
  • mobile platforms
  • winches and hoists
  • and many others made to measure.

To meet the expectations of our customers, we offer training in the following time variants:

  • all day
  • afternoon
  • weekend

The condition for participation in the training is to be over 18 years of age and minimum primary education. In some cases, a driving license is also required.

Thanks to our trainings and obtained certificates, you will have a safer workplace and a reduced number of potential accidents in the company. Your employees will be more aware of their work and its risks.

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