Paramilitary training

Paramilitary training

Paramilitary training has been in our offer for a short time. We were convinced by their formula and hidden secrets… The point is that their main goal is, first of all, teamwork, division of roles (which sometimes comes out in a very natural and spontaneous way), focus on cooperation and achieving the set goal. It is therefore an ideal form of discharging tension and conflicts in teams, which cannot be eliminated in company conditions. Neutral ground and a common goal are conducive to both having fun and developing the company’s internal culture.

Sela BHP - paramilitarne
Laser TAG

Laser “paintball” – Laser Tag gameplay is a combination of a military simulation of the battlefield with an interactive system straight from computer games. It is an excellent proposition for people who value safety and good fun in one. Thanks to the sensor system and infrared beam shooting, we don’t have to worry about pain in the event of a hit.

Archery Tag

Safe Archery – is an exciting game that combines the adrenaline of paintball and the dynamics of archery. Dodgeball is a well-known form of team play, but to increase the amount of adrenaline, it was combined with archery. It is therefore nothing more than an archery form of a dodgeball.


Shooting with replicas of firearms in 1:1 scale – using replicas of rifles and pistols in 1:1 scale, participants learn basic shooting skills (BLOS, shooting postures, shooting techniques, rules of safe handling of weapons). In dynamic shooting, we will work on learning how to perform techniques at the right pace and in compliance with safety rules.

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