SEP G1/G2/G3 training

SEP G1/G2/G3 training

SEP training are conducted by specialists who have extensive experience and knowledge both in the field of practice and methodology of the lectured topic.
We rely on case studies to illustrate to workshop participants how important it is to adhere to certain standards. This is an extremely important aspect in order to preserve their health and life.

Sela BHP - szkolenia SEP

SEP G1 permissions

For employees involved in the operation and supervision of electrical networks, installations and devices, in the field of operation, maintenance, repairs, assembly and control and measurement. The generation, processing and transmission devices authorized by SEP G1 include: networks of devices and installations with a voltage up to and above 1kV, power generating sets, electrochemical and electrolysis devices, catenaries and street lighting.

SEP G2 permissions

For employees involved in the supervision of devices, installations and heating networks. Based on the knowledge and experience of the trainees, the commission grants authorizations in the field of operation, maintenance, repairs, assembly or control and measurement authorizations. SEP G2 applies to the operation of steam and water boilers, heating networks and installations, industrial boilers, compressors, etc.

SEP G3 permissions

G3 training, i.e. a gas course, is intended for people who operate or supervise gas equipment, installations and networks in the field of operation, maintenance and repair. They are addressed to people who want to obtain or renew gas licenses. The trainings enable the operation of, among others, gaseous fuels storage devices, gaseous devices and installations, industrial gaseous fuel receivers with a capacity of over 50 kW and gas turbines.

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