Support for health and safety teams

Support for health and safety teams

This offer is addressed to large companies that have their OHS services, but need additional support.

This solution is perfect for companies that value high work culture and health and safety culture. Cooperation with experienced SELA OHS Specialists means specific support, taking over some of the duties, enriching activities and adding value to the client’s company.

The form and scope of cooperation depends on the needs. These can be training, consulting, auditing activities, or assistance in creating professional documentation.

OHS specialists from external companies value our interdisciplinary knowledge and experience gathered from other companies. We share good practices, show new solutions, develop and tighten the security system.

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What does the support of OHS teams look like on a daily basis?

A dedicated health and safety specialist can work for you part-time or full-time. The difference is that SELA is responsible for hiring an employee and all the related pleasures, i.e. formalities.

Your company gains a full member of the team and a guarantee of replacement in the event of sickness absence. And most importantly – this solution is simply cheaper. We operate on the principle of supporting OHS teams with a focus on improving safety and building an OHS culture in the company, thus becoming your safety partner.

Talk to us, together we will choose the best solution for you.

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