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Sela team

Our team consists of many variables, different characters and potentials. And this is what distinguishes us, because from the whole range of personalities we can choose what is most important and valuable. We are a well-coordinated team that has already had the opportunity to prove itself in various circumstances. We are able to find ourselves in difficult conditions and support whenever necessary. We support each other and we can always count on each other.

Sela BHP - Szymon zurek
Szymon Żurek
IT Specialist
Sela BHP - krzysztof dabrowski
Krzysztof Dąbrowski
Specialist in fire protection
Sela BHP - wojciech danielewicz
Wojciech Danielewicz
Conservator of portable firefighting equipment
Sela BHP - arkadiusz zylowski
Arkadiusz Żyłowski
Administration and Customer Service Specialist
Sela BHP - katarzyna switalska
Katarzyna Świtalska
Sela BHP - agnieszka adamczewska
Agnieszka Adamczewska
Director of the Health and Safety Department
Sela BHP - Patrycja burdziej-szymczak
Patrycja Burdziej-Szymczak
Chief OHS Specialist, Fire Protection Inspector
Sela BHP - agnieszka skubiszewska
Agnieszka Skubiszewska
Office Manager
Marek Wierzchoń
Marek Wierzchoń
Fire protection specialist
Sela BHP - anna wodnicka
Anna Wodnicka
Project Manager
Sela BHP - Stanislaw leszczynski
Stanisław Leszczyński
Chief OHS Specialist, Fire Protection Inspector, KPP Rescuer
Waldemar Samocki
Coordinator of the fire protection department
Patrycja Strońska
Patrycja Strońska
OHS Specialist
Kamil Borowski
Kamil Borowski
Senior Health and Safety Inspector
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