Training with the use of VR goggles

Training with the use of VR goggles

An absolute novelty and a breakthrough in the field of training! As leaders in our region, we have them in our offer! This is a different dimension of training, worthy of the 21st century. Virtual reality will allow you to see and feel things that you have only heard about during lectures so far. Imagine that you put on the glasses and immediately participate in a movie where people’s lives are at stake. You do not stand aside, but actively participate in the rescue operation. It is the order of your actions and reaction time that play the main role – just like in life.

Training in this form is dedicated to all employees, regardless of position or age. Their duration depends on the number of views, i.e. thematic scenes you choose. The offer includes:

  • First Aid – BLS and AED
  • First Aid – Burns
  • First Aid – Accident involving a pedestrian
  • First aid – Road accident
Sela BHP - szkolenia VR

The uniqueness of training with the use of VR goggles lies in the fact that:

  • they introduce the key element, i.e. emotions
  • thanks to them we are able to visualize a given situation in a real way
  • we examine our reactions to stressful situations
  • we learn to react according to specific patterns (which are specified in the video and it is impossible to proceed without performing them in the right order)
  • we learn to control fear and stress due to the sight of blood or screams of both injured people and the whole environment
  • thanks to the fact that it is a movie and real people (not computer graphics) we can visualize a given situation as actually real
  • it is currently the most attractive form of training, which, after an introductory lecture on theory, is a perfect complement to it as a form of practice
  • is a perfect combination of theoretical and practical knowledge
  • it is a form of systematizing the already acquired knowledge and consolidating expected behaviors/actions.
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